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Business ownership

The owner of the work will be after agreeing on the license on the basis of which the work will be delivered under the following conditions:

If the work contains one of our exclusive products:
If the service is based primarily on one of our Dever products, its use is limited to the license attached to that product and is restricted by its terms.
You may use Dever products only after obtaining a license to use.
If the work contains a third-party product:
If the Service is dependent on a product by third parties, its use is at your own risk and is limited to the license provided by the original owner of that product.
If the work is a special programming request:
If the service is a special request or special programming, then after agreeing to the full ownership of the work for you after fulfilling the required conditions, you have the right to use it based on the agreement on which the work was built

Dever License:

The licenses that Dever provides from the Dever license page



All Dever products and content are the property of Dever and we do not offer any licenses to redistribute, publish, or sell without documented approval by Dever or through the affiliate marketing system described on the site.


Registered Marks
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Limitation of liability
The materials displayed on our site are provided without any guarantees or liability for their accuracy, and we are not liable to anyone for any damages that the user may incur, including but not limited to direct or indirect losses resulting from any security failure, or disclosure of confidential information by third parties. , or transmit any virus to a computer, whether such damages are caused by tort, breach of contract or otherwise, even if foreseeable. To the extent permitted by law, Dever bears no responsibility for what may happen to the user when accessing the site. By using the site, you agree not to hold Dever responsible for any damage that may result from your use of it, and you bear all responsibility for damages that may result from downloading, using or accessing information, files or any of the materials posted on or through the site.


Product Updates

At Dever, we send updates from time to time to ensure the quality of our products, and sometimes we consider updates paid for more than one reason, and we mention the most important of them:

Ensure the continuity of the team's work in providing product updates
Covering software development costs that cost us effort, time and money
The download section has been under development since 02-2022, so we apologize for any delays in service.



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